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Our upcoming Summer Camp for Children with Disabilities is designed as a warm, inclusive ​environment that celebrates diversity and fosters personal growth. This specialized ​program is tailored to meet the unique needs and abilities of each participant, ensuring ​that every child feels valued, supported, and empowered.

Yoga: Incorporating yoga into the ​summer camp experience offers a ​holistic approach to wellness, ​promoting physical health, mental ​clarity, and emotional resilience. ​By making yoga accessible and ​enjoyable, campers can develop ​habits and skills that extend well ​beyond their time at camp, ​contributing to their overall well-​being and personal growth.

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Dance & Music: Integrating dance ​and music into the summer camp ​not only adds to the enjoyment ​and diversity of activities but also ​supports physical development, ​boosts social skills, enhances ​emotional expression, and fosters ​a sense of achievement among ​campers. This approach ensures ​that the camp offers a rich, ​engaging, and unforgettable ​experience for all participants.

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Story Telling: Storytelling at the ​summer camp for children with ​disabilities is transformed into a ​magical and inclusive activity, ​where every child is encouraged ​to immerse themselves in the ​world of imagination and ​expressivity. This program is ​designed not just as a way for ​children to listen to stories but ​as a platform for them to ​become storytellers in their own ​right, regardless of their ​communication abilities.

Painting: Integrating painting into ​a summer camp for children with ​disabilities offers a wonderful ​avenue for expression, creativity, ​and sensory exploration. ​Tailoring painting activities to ​accommodate a wide range of ​abilities ensures that every ​camper can participate fully and ​benefit from the therapeutic ​aspects of art.

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Interactive Games: Interactive ​games are a fantastic way to ​engage children with disabilities ​in fun, therapeutic, and skill-​building activities during a ​summer camp. These games ​can be adapted to meet a wide ​range of needs, ensuring that ​every child can participate and ​enjoy the sense of achievement ​and social interaction they ​offer. Some of the games are ​fishing games, matching games, ​puzzle, balloon volleyball, blow ​cups and more for Children ​with Disabilities

Group ActivitiesGroup ​activities at our summer ​camp for children with ​disabilities are a fantastic ​way to foster social ​interaction, teamwork, and ​a sense of community ​among children with ​Disabilities. These ​activities is designed to be ​inclusive, offering various ​levels of participation to ​ensure that every child ​feels valued and involved.

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