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Inclusive Education Center or Special Education Center at Hosur

Inclusive Education Center or Special Education Center at Hosur


Our Inclusive Education Center or Special Education Center is a specialized education facility dedicated to catering to the unique needs of children requiring special support and services. We provide an inclusive and welcoming environment where children with diverse abilities can learn and grow together.


At our center, trained educators collaborate to develop personalized learning plans for each child, ensuring that their individual needs are met. One of the key principles of the Inclusive Education Center is to promote an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance among all students. Children with special needs are encouraged to participate in various activities and projects alongside their peers without disabilities, creating opportunities for social interaction and building empathy.

Our Center has two programs for children aged between 6 years and 14 years. They are as follows: 


Functional Level:


The primary objective of this program is to empower Students with Disabilities by equipping them with essential life skills, and promoting independence in their daily activities. The subjects covered encompass a range of practical areas, including Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), fine and gross motor activities, functional English, and functional math. The program’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to prioritize hands-on learning, making up 80% of the instruction, allowing students to actively engage and practice the skills they need. The remaining 20% focuses on academic theory, providing a well-rounded approach to their education. Through this balanced and skill-oriented approach, the program aims to nurture the students’ capabilities, boost their confidence, and enable them to lead fulfilling lives with greater autonomy.


Academic Level:


This program is strategically designed with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as the ultimate objective. It follows a student-centric approach, introducing subjects based on their age and individual abilities. The curriculum covers English, Environmental Studies, Math, Yoga, Meditation, and Activities of Daily Living.


To provide a comprehensive learning experience, the program strikes a balance between academic learning and functional skills training. Approximately 80% of the curriculum focuses on academic subjects, while the remaining 20% emphasizes practical and functional skills that are essential for daily life. By aligning with NIOS and incorporating a well-rounded curriculum, this program aims to prepare students for future success while nurturing their unique talents and potential. It empowers them with both knowledge and practical abilities, ensuring a strong foundation for their ongoing education and personal developmen

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