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Inclusive Education Center or Special Education Center at Kasturinagar

Inclusive Education Center or Special Education Center at Kasturinagar

Our Special Education Center, also known as the Inclusive Education Center, is a specialized educational institution dedicated to meeting the distinctive needs of children who require additional support and specialized services. Within our center, we cultivate an inclusive and inviting environment where children with diverse abilities can engage in learning and personal growth together.

Within our center, a team of trained educators collaboratively develops individualized learning plans for each child, ensuring that their specific requirements are effectively addressed. One of the core tenets of our Inclusive Education Center is to foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and acceptance among all students. We actively encourage children with special needs to participate in a variety of activities and projects alongside their peers without disabilities. This approach creates opportunities for social interaction and cultivates empathy among all students.

Our Center offers two distinct programs tailored for children aged between 6 and 14 years, as outlined below:

Functional Level Program: The primary objective of this program is to empower Students with Disabilities by imparting essential life skills and promoting independence in their daily activities. The program curriculum encompasses a spectrum of practical areas, including Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), fine and gross motor activities, functional English, and functional math. Notably, this program emphasizes hands-on learning, constituting 80% of the instructional approach. This hands-on approach allows students to actively engage and apply the skills they are learning. The remaining 20% focuses on theoretical academic components, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. Through this balanced and skill-oriented approach, the program aims to nurture students’ capabilities, enhance their self-confidence, and enable them to lead fulfilling lives with increased autonomy.

Academic Level Program: This program is strategically designed with the ultimate goal of aligning with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) standards. It adopts a student-centric approach, introducing subjects based on each student’s age and individual abilities. The curriculum encompasses English, Environmental Studies, Math, Yoga, Meditation, and Activities of Daily Living.

To provide a comprehensive learning experience, this program strikes a harmonious balance between academic learning and the acquisition of practical life skills. Approximately 80% of the curriculum is dedicated to academic subjects, while the remaining 20% focuses on essential practical and functional skills for daily life. By aligning with NIOS and offering a well-rounded curriculum, this program aims to prepare students for future success while nurturing their distinctive talents and potential. It equips them with both knowledge and practical abilities, laying a robust foundation for their ongoing education and personal development.

For further information and to connect with us, please reach out at +9186185 01307 or via email at We are here to answer any questions and provide additional insights into our programs and services.

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